Licensed real estate Broker and Attorney Doug Federman will help you prepare your property for sale to maximize the best return on your investment. Selling real property requires care, planning, and a clear understanding of your goals. Doug will help you plan a marketing strategy that best suits your goals. Attention to detail and proactive planning are the hallmarks of a successful business transaction, and Doug will draw on his 22 years of legal experience to place you and your property in the best position to maximize the terms of sale. Doug is a seasoned and skilled negotiator and will be by your side to evaluate offers and negotiate the terms of any counteroffers to ensure the best deal possible.

Our Concierge Service Includes:

1. Pricing.  Doug can provide you with meaningful information and analysis on pricing and current and historical property values to help you select a listing price that suits your goals.

2. Preparation. Doug will advise you on preparing your house for sale and send a photographer to take high quality photos for advertising. He also will advise you on how to prepare the listing and complete the disclosures required by state law.

3. Marketing. We will post your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by real estate professionals, and any other appropriate consumer sites for maximum exposure. We will install a professional “for sale” sign and on-site materials with a link to the Internet listing.

4. Open House. We will host your open house for area brokers and prospective buyers.

5. Negotiating the Deal. With more than 22 years experience negotiating transactions as a lawyer, Doug is skilled and seasoned in the art and science of negotiating. You will be immediately notified when inquiries and offer are received. Doug will explain every detail to you, discuss appropriate options, prepare counter offers, and work with you toward the ultimate goal of a signed purchase contract on terms acceptable to you.

6. Repairs and Renting. Doug has significant experience with home repairs and landlord/tenant issues, so he can assist you if these are issues with your transaction.

7. Closing. Doug will be available to troubleshoot any issues that may arise while the sale is in escrow in order to ensure a smooth closing of the transaction.

8. ServiceServiceService. Doug is committed to customer service, attention to detail, proactive planning, and working tirelessly for the best deal possible.

9. Lower Commissions. Broker’s commissions are negotiable, and you will NEVER pay a larger commission to Doug because he is an attorney – in fact, the chances are you will pay less. Call him today and find out how.